Introducing the AutoBoss

The AutoBoss is a reliable, automated, and low cost cleaning machine for fish farming grower nets. Read more →

The AutoBoss

The AutoBoss is a compact, self-contained aquaculture net cleaning machine. The Boss is self-propelled so it works its way around the pen with minimal operator assistance. A programmable, automatic winch runs the cleaning head to your specifications.

Weighing only 950kgs the Boss can cover up to 1500m2 of net surface per hour of operation.

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The Boss Philosophy

The AutoBoss is designed to cover a large area of net quickly and often – at low cost. With a programmable on-board PLC, cleaning can be customized: routine cleaning or deep-cleaning where needed. This right-size cleaning philosophy optimises your net cleaning programme to deliver good economic results.

The Trimara Approach

Reliability is critically important to the farmer – so it is critically important to Trimara Services. We offer training, support and consistent back-up so you can achieve a successful cleaning solution for your farms.

We provide monthly data to improve your performance and we always have trained, qualified operators and technicians on hand. Our goal is to ensure that the AutoBoss works as designed – reliable, low-cost, right-sized cleaning.

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