What training does an operator need to run the AutoBoss?

We offer a comprehensive package comprised of training in the classroom, in the workshop and on the water.

The AutoBoss is the first robotised net washing machine in the world. Trained operators and service technicians are critical to deliver a reliable, automated and low cost net washing solution.

Only trained operators should be responsible for washing nets with the AutoBoss. Trimara Services offers comprehensive training to any company that purchases an AutoBoss. We also provide on-going technical advice and support.

A company that is new to the AutoBoss can receive a comprehensive training package that will be comprised of a day in the workshop gaining an understanding of the various key systems, a day in the classroom and then several days’ on-water training. The on-water training will teach new operators how to get the best out of the AutoBoss, how to set the pens up to maximise productive time and when to use a right-sized washing programme. Also included are several return visits by Trimara Services experts over the next 12 months to check in with the on-farm operators and to work with them in their setting to ensure that nets are washed on schedule and to the required standard.

For companies that are familiar with the AutoBoss Trimara Services offers refresher training to keep operators up to date with best practice or the standard training package to your new employees/operators.

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