What is Right-Sized Cleaning?

The AutoBoss is optimised for keeping your nets clean and can clean chosen areas more intensely if needed.

The AutoBoss is designed to be low-cost and to maximise efficiency. Overall the machine is optimised for cleaning lighter fouling although chosen areas can be washed more intensely if needed.

Washing very dirty nets takes a lot of energy and costs more. The AutoBoss is optimised for keeping nets clean, rather than for washing very dirty nets. But sometimes nets do get more fouled than is ideal. Also, biofouling can often be heavier closer to the surface of the water.

Right-sized cleaning allows the operator to use more ‘passes’ over the net to increase the washing intensity. If a net needs a deeper clean, then it will need more passes and this is where Mode 2 or Mode 3 can be used. If you just need to focus some extra effort in the top few meters, but still want to wash the rest of the net with a less intense level of washing, you can also programme the Boss to do this.

If you are doing a routine maintenance light wash (a little often is always best) then you can use Mode 1 – and you will cover a lot of net area in a shorter period.

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