Why is the AutoBoss low-cost?

The AutoBoss has been designed to be reliable and automated. With our comprehensive pre- and post-sale support your farm can achieve the lowest cost net washing solution on a per m2 washed basis.

Reliability is very important to the farmer-you have to have nets washed as part of the plan. Reliability is also critical when it comes to delivering a low-cost operation. Our goal is to provide a solution that has a high % of productive net washing time and a low percentage of unproductive down time or set-up time. If the machine is not washing nets then your cost per m2 will be very high!

The AutoBoss also introduces genuine automation to net washing for the first time. This brings two main benefits. Firstly, the net is always washed exactly the same because the Boss never gets bored, cold, hungry or tired. Secondly, the AutoBoss does the actual net washing. The human operator is only focusing on maximizing up-time, pen set-up and keeping the AutoBoss washing, rather than on running the machine over the net.

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