The AutoBoss

The AutoBoss is a reliable, automated, and low cost cleaning machine for fish farming grower nets.

Introducing the Boss

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand after comprehensive trials, the AutoBoss is a programmable, automated net cleaning machine designed to clean fish farming grower nets frequently.

The Boss has been operating commercially since 2014.

The AutoBoss design uses quality engineering and components to ensure a high proportion of “up-time” on the farms. The Boss is compact and self-contained (she is only 2.5m x 2.0m x 1.6 m when fully extended). The power pack assembly fits inside the pontoon and contains all the components that make the Boss operate.

Reliable, automated and low-cost


Reliability is key

Clean nets optimize fish performance and maintain fish health. The AutoBoss brings automation to net washing for the first time so operator variability is removed.

The Boss is designed to “right-size” the cleaning power and eliminate wasteful energy. The on-board adjustable PLC can be programmed to clean the nets where the cleaning is needed. Low-cost is achieved through steadfast performance, effective design and efficient energy use.

The cleaning cycles

The AutoBoss can cover up to 1,500m2 of net surface per hour of operation when running on a “single pass” setting at the pre-set manufacturer rating. Self-propelled, the Boss is dropped into a pen and works its own way around the net. An automatic winch runs the cleaning head up and down the net surface. The four-disk head uses 100% of the high-pressure water for the cleaning of nets.

High-pressure water is not wasted holding the cleaning head in place – that is the job of independently driven propellers.

How it works

The Key Systems

The Power Pack Assembly contains all of the components that make the AutoBoss operate. The key components are:

  • The Engine System provides power for all of the other AutoBoss systems
  • The Electrical System is split into two separate parts: the engine and the Boss command system
  • The Hydraulic System is driven via an engine power take off (PT)) on the timing case
  • The High Pressure Water System is supplied with water drawn from the environment.
  • The Walking Wheel Assemblyis designed to hold the Boss on the net and move the unit along the net.
  • The Winch Assembly automatically lifts and lowers the cleaning head.
  • The Washing Head is comprised of 4 cleaning discs that each have 3 water jets.
  • The Umbilical takes HP water from the Power Pack Assembly to the washing head. The HP water vents out of the washing head water jets and removes the biofouling.

Hardware Specifications

Power pack Engine Isuzu 4LE1T 45kW Interim Tier4
HP Water Pump High pressure pump Hawk HFR80F
Charge pump Johnson F7B
Heat exchanger Savage (Special)
Hydraulic pump Galtech tandem fixed gear 3.2/8.5cc
Transmission Belt 2:1
Jet size 0.9mm
Umbilical length to customer requirements, standard >30m


Engine RPM 2600rpm
H.P water pressure 2600 – 3000psi
Flow approximately 75lpm
Cleaning speed >1,500m2
Fuel consumption 10 ltr/hr